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Welcome to FitBox! 

The fitness industry is changing and here at FitBox we get this.

You can either do things the same easy way or be visionary. A Box tool to run your business we can do, that’s nothing new, but do you want to add more value than just being another Box, or simply keep using a product that isn’t about your world?

What counts? Your business success and your members. Understand what is really working and offer your athletes something no one else can…

Improve performances, take the guess work out of what that means and show them. Take their expectations to the next level.

Gain new members and retain who you have with a health, welfare and injury supporting product.

Be leading edge and program workouts and review comprehensive analysis, why keep doing the same thing. Inspire motivation.

Stay on top of your business and finances, be the definition of success.

Find out how you can inspire change and motivation in your box, with your coaches and members!

  • Utilise elite sporting data tools in a science-tested management platform

Category-leading features for box owners, coaches and athletes

Affiliate owners

Turn on the lights, switch on your computer and mobile…now you have immediate have access to how your Box is running and also how your members are – injured, feeling positive or unwell…Streamline your admin processes, save time and focus on business development and activating new members.

Manage you box, drive success and a positive supported member base

  • Dashboard management in easy view
  • Calendar tool for all class and activity
  • Class management
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Attendance reporting
  • Coaches communication tool
  • Member management
  • Access for all your members to a mobile health app


  • Contract creation
  • Membership
  • Payment reports
  • Revenue tracking

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Program unique workouts. Know where your members started and where their potential is. Your chance to really understand performance and what value you are adding to an individuals training, overall health and welfare. One way to gain more clients by adding value with access to a supporting product for your clients.

  • Build class schedules
  • Workout programming
  • Program analysis
  • Leaderboard tracking
  • Training load reports
  • Interactive communication
  • Media upload
  • Mobile access for your personal injury, health and welfare monitoring
  • Support clients health and injury also via alerts in the mobile app

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Members can access their full performance potential at the click of a button.

Health and wellness tracking

  • Mobile app
  • Workout tracking
  • Mobile app – messaging
  • Smart device sync calendar
  • Leaderboard tracking
  • Social media publishing
  • Social media integration
  • Messaging
  • Remote use
  • Media upload
  • Athlete wellness
  • Customisable dashboard

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Fitbox can harness the power of XELA, an advanced predictive analytics product.

XELA enables data to be uploaded from different sources, including Microsoft® Excel, CSV files or direct entry.

As an add on to the platform, XELA allows users to perform analysis on current and historical data sets in a few easy steps, and thereby gain insight into present statistical values and predictions for future events.


When it comes to gathering and storing sensitive data relating to individuals’ health and wellness, it is essential the information is controlled and protected at the highest standard.

All SMG Technologies products meet the official standards with multilevel security providing users with the reassurance that data is stored with maximum security.


When you have accurate data coming in, you expect accurate results. The greater the data input, the greater the ability to personalise predictions on athlete behavioural and performance trends in the gym.

The FitBox platform allows for data to be entered, stored and analysed on a daily basis. Furthermore the platform integrates with over 200 wearable devices and third party services.

These results can be manipulated to plan workouts, monitor performances and prevent athletes from overtraining, often leading to overuse injuries.

The future of FitBox

Our sports science and high performance team, who have 20 years experience in the elite sporting industry between them,  are continually working to apply innovative sporting technologies within the FitBox platform.

We are working hard towards implementing further features such as Power output, with greater functions in reporting and data analysis. Box owners, coaches and their members can rest assure they are receiving accurate scientific data to drive performances within their Box.

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