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fitbox has partner’s with LEAN Nutrition to offer their Health & Physical by LEAN platform in the fitbox Marketplace. This means you can spend your fitbox Wallet credit to pay for the platform that can generate more revenue for your business.

Businesses can use the LEAN Platform to connect their clients to meal plans and supporting material for weight management. The content has been developed and backed by accredited dietitians. Spend just 2-3 minutes with a client on our highly-automated platform to generate a personalised meal plan. Add more revenue to your business, help your clients get the best results.

How Health & Physical works for you

Save Time

Our revolutionary meal plan generator system is like no other software out there. Our platform does everything automatically for you using simple inputs related to your client’s history, goals and preferences. The whole process takes just 2-3 mins!

Increase Revenue

Having a subscription to our premium product gives you the opportunity to increase revenue. Our recommended retail price per meal plan provided is $30-$60, but you can choose the price for your clients. Add revenue to your business through meal plan sales, our dietitian referral program and product affiliate program.

Improve results

LEAN gives you the power to provide your clients with the nutrition advice they need for the results that they want. All meal plans and recipes are backed by dietitians, using the latest scientific evidence and their practical experience. For clients who need more personalisation, live digital dietitians are available.

A Premium Nutrition Service
Seamless & Automated

Why Choose LEAN ?

  • Ideal for personal trainers, gyms as well as health and wellness businesses

  • Meal plans with supporting material that is personalised and generated within just 2-3 mins

  • Personalised nutritional methods that best aligns with your clients goals

  • Support your clients through their stages of change & watch their health transformation happen

  • Flexible subscription to access our specialised meal planning platform based on usage

  • Revolutionary system giving you the ability to meal plan while staying in your scope – all backed by qualified dietitians

  • Added service and revenue – generate meal plans and earn more for your business​

  • Clients with more complex nutrition needs – you can refer to LEAN dietitians

L E A N Features
What makes Health & Physical by LEAN unique

Automated meal plan generator
Vegetarian & vegan meal plan options
Gluten free meal plan option
Several nutrition methods to choose from
Flexible month-to-month subscriptions
Meal plan email or print option
Weekly shopping list
Recipes and meal preparation
Dietitian video explanation with meal plan
Australian shopping brand options
Biometric recording
Progress monitoring and notes section
Business dashboard
Client dashboard
Add practitioner and clients to your account
Dietitian meal plan personalisation option
Dietitian live chat support for your clients
Meal planning within PT scope of practice

ABOUT Health & Physical

Health & Physical by LEAN is an advanced online platform where health and fitness businesses can connect their clients to custom-built meal planning and supporting material which are developed and backed by qualified dietitians.

Health & Physical by LEAN does all the work for you. Everything is automated so you have more time with your clients discussing their goals & assisting them through their health and wellbeing journey.

Users simply need to enter:

  • Biometrics

  • Clients’ goals

  • Dietary requirements

  • Preferred nutrition method

The platform then manages all the technicalities of meal planning using the most up to date scientific evidence and provides you with a list of suitable nutrition methods to choose from, 7 day meal planning, shopping list, recipes, information sheet, FAQs & dietitian video explaining the plan – All sent automatically to your client.

Frequently Asked Questions

LEAN’s premier product – Health & Physical is an online platform designed for health as well as fitness businesses who want the ability to provide their clients with meal plans & coaching or connect them to accredited dietitians for expert assistance.

Yourself and LEAN can join together to be the ultimate dream team. The two of you can give your clients more value, more accountability, and more of a reason to stay connected to your business.

Health & Physical provides you with an additional revenue stream that can be used completely online, regardless of whether you’re in another lockdown, or back doing what you do best! With Health & Physical by LEAN you can deliver technical meal planning to clients for weight management and also when needed; link clients to our digital dietitian service for more specialised meal planning or support.

No, it is not necessary to complete a course to start using the Health & Physical by LEAN platform. In fact, you can start right away with a 7 day free trial once you have signed up.

Yes! You can sign up to a 7-day free trial where you can use all features. However, you can only create one client account. To add more you need to start a subscription.

To start a free trial, simply go to the platform sign up page (, register on the system and activate the free trial from within.

The Health & Physical by LEAN platform allows you to provide technically designed meal plans backed by dietitians, according to the nutrition method of your clients choice. Several options are available to clients, including calorie deficit, lower carbohydrate, alternate day fasting, as well as higher calorie options.

Unlike other inconvenient systems that need tutorials to figure out how to use everything, we are focused on providing seamless solutions. You will get the hang of things literally in minutes, while the system does all of the technical work for you!

It is all extremely time-efficient – using the platform, you can generate a meal plan within 2-3 minutes.

Do your clients demand a high level of personalisation for their meal plans? Refer your clients to our LEAN Dietitians and we will do all the work for you. It’s like having your own dietitian service on hand at your business! Refer and earn!

Check our referral program for more info.

LEAN is an Australian software and dietitian team so we have made sure that our meal plans have recipes and brands that are recognisable.

Does your client have more personalised needs?

Do they have a health condition where they may need the experts to help? Conditions such like Diabetes, IBS, PCOS, High Cholesterol, High blood pressure, Inflammatory conditions, Osteoporosis, Improve immunity.

Refer your client to LEAN’s dietitians and we will custom build a meal plan for your client and even offer them live dietitian chat support.

​We are your dietitian service and you can refer and earn!

Check out and sign up to our Referral program at this page

For the very first time a meal planning software gives you, the PT, an opportunity to earn additional income through the purchase of products that will help your clients reach their goals!

Earn ongoing 5% Affiliate commission on products purchased by your clients on the Lean meal plans!

Sign up to Lean Affiliate Product Program and we will be making a new nutrition method named ‘ Convenience’ for this option.

Once you’re set-up with your personalised convenience meal plans, and your clients make product purchases through the ‘Buy Here’ links on the meal plans, we’ll give you 5% of the purchase amount as commission. You do not need to order or stock these products, the whole process is automated online!

We have great flexibility in our subscriptions that are based on how many client accounts you need. The platform gives you the possibility to upgrade or downgrade your plan depending if you have a coming fitness challenge or starting your business. Check out our Subscription Plans page.

If you ever need to upgrade, the system will automatically calculate the pro-rata amount if you are mid way through your month, or if you want to downgrade, your account will automatically be credited for the next months’ subscription. It’s that simple.

All subscriptions are month-to-month and to cancel you must email

Yes. If you wish to add more than one user under your account please send us an email to The amount of users you can have on your subscription is determined by your level of subscription.

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