FitBox Media Services

What is FitBox Media?

FitBox Media allows Gym Owners, Coaches, PTs, and Online programming services to leverage the FitBox platform to generate growth through content marketing. Visual content has changed the way small businesses can market themselves in order to drive growth. On social media 73% of users are swayed into choosing a brand by watching a video, 66% of leads being more qualified than those from any other source. Website conversions were 80%+ more likely with video than a website without. 

FitBox recognises the difference that photographic and video content on social media and websites can have in the growth and success of your business. The FitBox Media team have created content packages that showcase your story, generate awareness and connect you with your target audience. But wait! It gets better, these packages can be accessed and paid for through the software, using Store Credit, through FitBox Finance or paid in full upfront.

So how does it work?

Simple, after purchasing a package through the Fitbox system you will be contacted by a member of the FitBox Media team, either over the phone or by email, in order to learn more about your business and clients. Once we have a clear image of what you want the FixBox Media team member will arrange to come and meet you at a time and location that is best for creating your content. We will guide you through the process and make it as seamless as possible. Projects are delivered for download within 14 days.

So what exactly is available? 

The FitBox Media team content packages have been specifically designed for the fitness industry. We want to connect you with new leads, showcase your story and help you stand out from the crowd. There are 3 photo and 3 video package options which can be tailored to suit your brand.