FitBox for Gym Owners

Gym Owners

FitBox is the most comprehensive business management, reporting and performance tracking platform on the market. 

FitBox your Gym! 

Save time, save money, save resources! Let FitBox allow you to focus on business growth and your members.

Management Tools


 Snapshot into business development, updated in real time. Keep track of member wellness, workout programming and key administrational and financial information. 

Membership management

 Create multiple membership plans, with members billed on a reoccurring basis. Manage all payment gateway transactions in the one centralised platform. 

Workout management

 Every rep, every set, every weight counts! Create programs and allow FitBox to classify the movement and category. 

Class management

 Manage multiple class types from olympic lifting, gymnastics and mobility to competition classes. Create the timetable your box requires. 


 Colour coded private and group classes make life easier for coaches and members, ensuring there is never an excuse to be late again! 

Predictive analytics

 In development
Gain predictive insight from algorithms generated by Xela, the analytical engine that sits inside FitBox. 

Remote use

 Access platform information anywhere, at anytime to view, upload and edit information as required.. 

Attendance reporting

 Dashboard widgets provides insights into popular classes. 

Financial reporting

 View real time insights into financial revenue from all memberships within your business 


 Communication is the key to developing a sense of community with your gym. Send messages from all platforms and devices. Comment on member wellness, with all information linking to individual member profiles.