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fitbox Sites is an integrated managed website solution, specifically designed for Fitness based businesses.  


Let us do the administrative work for just $80 per month. (Use credit)  Just provide your month’s training on a spreadsheet or document and we will enter your daily workout into fitbox for you.  You can even use your Investment Plan credit on this service.

fitbox Online Store

Make you gym apparel designs available to your members without dropping thousands on inventory.

fitbox Online Store is an online store that allows members to buy a single shirt or a range of accessories and have it delivered for free to your gym.

fitbox Design Services

Use your credit to get new designs for your business. T-shirts, social media posts, images for your website, promotional flyers or any other design needs your business has.

Media Services

Leverage the fitbox platform to generate growth for your business. The fitbox Media team content packages have been specifically designed for the fitness industry. We want to connect you with new leads, showcase your story and help you stand out from the crowd.

Finance (Coming Soon)

Businesses on the fitbox Platform can take advantage of our unique financing option to purchase equipment from the Again Faster.

Finance through the fitbox platform is managed independent of your Investment Plan. Repayments do not impact Investment Plan transactions.

Member Email Automation (Coming Soon)

fitbox Affiliate Systems (Coming Soon)

ecosystem partners

Again Faster

is the premier functional fitness provider Australia and New Zealand

Use your fitbox credit to upgrade and buy new equipment. Or get apparel and accessories from our reseller range and make 35% – 50%

Evolution Nutrition Co.

We launched Evolution Nutrition Co to enable gyms to generate income and offer a premium product to their members.

Use your fitbox credit to pay for your protein to resell to your members and make over 40%.

Compliant Cleaning Supplies

is an Australian owned commercial cleaning products provider.

Put your fitbox credit to good use and get your cleaning supplies delivered to your door as you need them

Evolved Programming

is a Functional Fitness Programming for Individuals and Affiliates. Endurance, Strength, Competitor and Home Gym programming for all levels.

As an Evolved Programming Customer on fitbox your member’s program will be automatically loaded into fitbox.

Trainer HQ

We see the opportunity for fitness professionals to engineer a great lifestyle, where they get to do something they love while enjoying the freedom that comes with a predictable and profitable business.

As a fitbox customer you are able to pay for a variety


Driven by the passion for excellence, the story starts with three guys from Australia who wanted to do great things and bring others along for the journey

As an Unifyd Programming Customer on fitbox your member’s program will be automatically loaded into fitbox.


is a simple yet effective solution to offering 24/7 access to your members.

As a fitbox customer, you can set up, manage and pay for your 24/7 access service through the fitbox platform.


Whether you’re a Personal Trainer, a Pilate‚Äôs instructor or a CrossFit guru, considering what is the right professional insurance cover for your individual needs is essential.

Apply for and pay for your insurance policy through the fitbox platform

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