FitBox for Members


What makes you successful? You do!

Determined to be the strongest, fittest and overall greatest athlete you can be? Make a lifestyle choice.

Athletes participate in physical activity to be pushed to redefine their limits.

FitBox allows athletes to view workouts, check into classes and record performance data all from the comfort of their mobile application.


Build programs, analyse workout breakdowns and provide your


Mobile app

Athletes can login to the mobile application to track the leaderboard and record their wellness, and workout scores. 

Notifications can also be received.

Mobile app messaging

 Members are able to communicate with their coaches and box management through the FitBox app. 

Smart device sync calendar

 The FitBox calendar syncs automatically to athletes personal devices. 

Performance tracking

 Athletes are able to track progress on the computer platform, through performance history reports. 

Athlete Wellness

Members can monitor their wellness through the mobile solution capturing up to 22 wellness metrics from sleep, stress, fatigue, general soreness, motivation,  and mood levels.

Sliding scales enable easy recording with coaches having access to all information, ensuring they stay on top of any potential injures or health problems.

Social media publishing

 Members are able to post their WODs and share results within their communities through FitBox’s social media integration, channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Remote use

 Fitbox’s cloud based system means members can access their information from anywhere, at anytime and from any device, allowing members to view, upload and edit information as required using real time access. 

Customisable dashboard

 Members can create their own dashboard on the computer platform from a list of widgets to monitor their progress, wellness and keep up to date with all things concerning their gym. 

Wellness alerting

 Alerts are triggered to warn box owners and coaches of changes in member’s individual patterns of wellness. 

Leaderboard tracking

 Athletes can view workouts, along with the ability to see how they stack up against their fellow members. 


 Athletes can communicate with owners, coaches and athletes directly from their personal device via the FitBox app. 

Media upload

 A range of media can be uploaded to assist athletes with their performance, whether it be images, videos or other rich media. 

Wearable integration

In development
Members can enhance their performance by integrating the data from their wearable trackers with their daily training in the gym.

Nutrition, GPS, Heart Rate Monitors and more are easily able to be integrated with FitBox.

Predictive analytics

 In development
Members are provided with insights and recommendations through predictive analytics reducing their risk of injury.