A Startup
With History

The background

Fitbox technology was originally created to track the workout performance of the NZ All Blacks rugby union team. Quickly the potential was realised and Again Faster took the tech to start the process of creating a gym member management company that actually helps gyms.

The Rebirth

At the beginning of 2023 fitbox was effectively reborn. Now it’s own stand-alone tech company, our three founders and co-owners came together to make a difference to the fitness industry and eliminate software charges.

Gene owned Again Faster but also had a career in Microsoft product management. He found his tech guy from Microsoft, our now CTO Tim, and then after Cam sold his prior company, he’d found his business guy from the convenient location of their local CrossFit gym. Suddenly we had three leaders. They got to work and created our core team:

  • Jodie heads sales and is the head judge at Torian and many All Star events
  • Saida heads marketing and is seen at every CrossFit event on the Gold Coast and is supported by Jasmin and Elmer
  • Hannah heads migration and ran a Perth gym before heading east
  • March heads support and lives for her dogs, supported by Jin and Kyla and Ofelia who heads up websites and stores
  • Our dev team includes passionate coders like Karl, Ryo, Jov and Lee. 

We operate from Brisbane and Cebu and focus on Australia and New Zealand. We’re passionate about fitness, though scale most classes. Our values are Integrity, Leadership, Growth, Energetic, Collaboration and Fun. We want to create strong bonds with our clients and have a lot of fun along the way, while helping gyms thrive. The journey has just begun. 

Meet Our Founders

Gene, Cameron and Tim. “Our vision is to be the pivotal platform, central to the growth and success of fitness businesses through the provision of an integrated ecosystem of suppliers and services unmatched in the Gym Management Software market.”


Founder / Equipment & Business Guy


Co-Founder / Business Guy


Co-Founder / Software Guy

The future
of fitbox

With an eye on the horizon, the future of fitbox is leaning into the advancements in machine learning and AI with the goal to form the most comprehensive gym management platform for gym owners yet. Through the compilation of millions of data points, fitbox is building toward churn projections, injury avoidance and member retention predictions at a level unmatched by other products in the industry. 

Combining member wellness and health tracking including wearable device integrations with in-gym performance, qualitative survey data and a network of customer gyms, the future of fitbox is more than gym management software. fitbox will be the critical partner to the success and growth of your gym.

Interested to hear how fitbox can help your gym thrive?