About Us

Our vision is to be the pivotal platform, central to the growth and success of fitness businesses through the provision of an integrated ecosystem of suppliers and services unmatched in the Gym Management Software market.

Initially developed as an athlete performance management tool for the famed New Zealand All Blacks, fitbox was acquired by Australian owned Again Faster in October 2019. Seeing the potential for the platform to be developed under a revolutionary new subscription model, fitbox set out to realise the platform as an all-in-one gym management tool for the Australian market. Deploying a highly iterative development approach, fitbox is the most frequently developed software to app product in market to date.

fitbox’s Subscription & Pricing Model broke new ground in the fitness industry, since its launch in the market in 2020.

The fitbox subscription model has proven itself as a major disruptor in the gym management software market. fitbox offers a straightforward, directly scaleable monthly fee per user ($3) which, once paid by the gym, is matched dollar for dollar to be re-spent within the fitbox Ecosystem of partner products and services. Initially powered by the linked ownership of Again Faster Equipment, the fitbox ecosystem has grown into a wide network of partners who provide products and services to fitbox customers.

With their software subscription costs being effectively zeroed out, fitbox customer gyms have spent over $100,000 to date in fitbox credit.

From funding new equipment purchases, upgraded websites, Evolution nutrition products, videography and photography, Again Faster retail reseller items and even their own branded merchandise – fitbox customer gyms hold a unique competitive advantage by leveraging networks usually only afforded to multi-national, big box gyms. fitbox customer gyms are constantly reinvesting in their businesses and bringing even greater value to their members, thanks to our ecosystem partners.

We succeed when our customers succeed.

We are constantly improving and expanding the functions of the fitbox platform. We look to build relationships with our clients to better understand how they use our platform, what features are the most critical and what we can do to continue to improve their experience, and that of their members. At fitbox, we’re more than a software product.

We pride ourselves in partnering with gyms to grow and scale their businesses.

The future of fitbox

With an eye on the horizon, the future of fitbox is leaning into the advancements in machine learning and AI with the goal to form the most comprehensive gym management platform for gym owners yet. Through the compilation of millions of data points, fitbox is building toward churn projections, injury avoidance and member retention predictions at a level unmatched by other products in the industry. Combining member wellness and health tracking – including wearable device integrations – with in-gym performance, qualitative survey data and a network of customer gyms, the future of fitbox is more than gym management software. fitbox will be the critical partner to the success and growth of your gym.