fitbox IQ Gym Management Platform

The fitbox platform is a Membership Management, Billing and Booking platform with market leading Analytics and Predictive capability. Paired with our free Workout Programming and Performance Tracking system, it’s everything you need from your software in one place, reducing time and cost to your gym.

Manage Classes & Billing

Build out your class schedule to enable members to easily book in from our fitbox mobile app and setup member payments to bill per your required schedule.​

Powerful Analytics Dashboard

Build on the powerful Microsoft Power BI Platform, fitbox gives you unprecedented access to view insights from and manipulate your data. fitbox Analytics Churn Prediction Engine, uses advanced Machine Learning capabilities to help you understand your members that are most at risk.

Advanced Financial Reporting

Use our analytics engine to understand and stay on top of your business. Understand your most popular memberships, classes and sessions to maximise your resources.

Member Churn Prediction

Take action. Don’t wait for members to tell you there is a problem, or just stop coming altogether. We feed your member data into our machine learning model, designed to give you advanced notice of members at risk. Use our Churn Report to identify members that might need to be re-engaged or just need some extra attention.

Program & Display Workouts

Easily program your workouts for your classes and personal training sessions and once programmed, display them on a screen in your gym. ​

Easy Member Check-in

Your members can easily check in via the fitbox mobile app, or your coaches can check them in using our session screen. ​ Quickly view the status of members to identify who you need to have a conversations with.

A Smoother Member Experience

Performance tracking to smash health and fitness goals.

Build your Brand & Engage

Member Management Software is an extension of your gym product. Make your fitbox app, uniquely yours.