fitbox Marketplace

Along with any of the the fitbox services below, you can spend credit on the full range of Again Faster products, including cleaning products, fitaid and equipment, plus accessories for you and your members. Check back as we add products and services to the fitbox marketplace every month.

Sites by fitbox

fitbox Sites is an integrated managed website solution, specifically designed for fitness based businesses.

Start with one of our preset templates or build a customised site that fits you, and build a new lead magnet for your gym.

Custom online apparel store by fitbox

Make your gym apparel designs available to your members without dropping thousands of dollars on minimum inventory. Included FREE for fitbox IQ Customers. (Or $39 per month for non-fitbox IQ Customers) we manage your own ecommerce store, where your members can buy a single shirt or shop our range of accessories and have it delivered for free to your gym. With zero upfront investment in stock, 20% of every sale will be deposited into your fitbox Stripe account.

Journey IQ,
member automation by fitbox

Built using Active Campaign, our platform will increase the performance of your website to help you capture more leads, convert them into members and make sure no lead slips through the cracks!

AI Gym Assistant

Meet your newest team member – your gym’s personalised AI assistant.

Offering 24/7 support, multilingual capabilities, and easy integration, Fitbox revolutionises member interaction. Tailored to your gym’s unique needs, it’s as smart and up-to-date as the information you provide.

Experience the future of gym management with fitbox AI Gym Assistant.

POS by fitbox

For just $49 per month, or FREE if you use fitbox payments and terminal, our web based POS system allows you to add and sell your own products to your members. Members can pay with cash or card, or charge to their membership account.

Design services by fitbox

Time for a new logo, merch drop or a website makeover?

Use your credit to get new designs for your business. T-shirts, social media posts, images for your website, social media, promotional flyers or any other design needs your business has.

STARR Strength Programming

Starr Strength’s Affiliate Programming  allows gym owners to outsource their gym’s group fitness programming – a task that can consume many valuable hours every week.

The consultation service ensures that your gym’s unique considerations are taken care of.

Mayhem Athlete Programming

Experience the essence of CrossFit Mayhem’s fitness regimen with the Mayhem Affiliate Programming. Led by Darren Hunsucker, the most successful coach in CrossFit history, this program mirrors the exact workouts followed by CrossFit Mayhem in Cookeville. Designed for fitness gyms worldwide, it offers 6 days of comprehensive programming each week, with an optional cardio/aerobic session on Sundays. Dive into a fitness journey curated by experts and feel the Mayhem difference in your gym, no matter where you are.

Programming by Forte Training

Our Affiliate Program delivers an inclusive program so you and your affiliate can focus on what matters most, giving your members a challenging experience, improving their movement and attaining their goals all in a fun environment.

CPR and First Aid

After many years of experience working in training and assessment, the ADAPT team has been invited to provide a quality First Aid & CPR experience in conjunction with ABC First Aid.

Learn more on how to complete the most recent HLTAID011 Provide First Aid (including CPR) in an efficient, educational, and enjoyable manner.

Social media analytics
by Social Status

Create automated social media reports in minutes. See live stats on a social media analytics dashboard. Including: profile analytics, ad analytics, competitor analytics and influencer analytics.

Marketing is a critical part of your success but can be a time and money sink. Make sure what you are doing is working.

Affiliate Systems by fitbox

Systemise your gym, make more revenue and regain your freedom. Help your business thrive with immediately implementable, effective systems. Affiliate Systems’ tried-and-true resources enable you to clearly identify your culture, vision and direction to help you achieve success in your business.

Concierge services by fitbox

Scaling, notes, percentages, accessories, leaderboards, performance tracking and more – we’ll take care of it all.

You just tell us what to include and when to release it. It’s as easy as that!

Media services by fitbox

Leverage the fitbox platform to generate growth for your business. The fitbox media team content packages have been specifically designed for the fitness industry.

Connect with new leads, showcase your story and stand out from the crowd.

Super Nice Advice Accounting - fitbox Partner
Accounting by Super Nice Advice

At Super Nice Advice we love the health and fitness industry.

When we found out about fitbox’s story and values we knew we were a great fit for each other.

So we have teamed up to help deliver quality solutions to industry players, big and small.

Evocativ Mental Fitness - fitbox Partner
Mental Fitness by Evocative

We believe gyms & gym owners provide a vital service to the wellbeing of our community. Sometimes to the detriment of their own mental fitness. We want to support the people who support so many others.

Finance (coming soon)

Take advantage of our unique financing option to purchase equipment from Again Faster.

Finance through the fitbox platform is managed independent of your investment plan. Repayments do not impact Investment plan transactions.

Frog Grips

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, Frog Grips ensures that you have the best grip support for your workouts.

Experience enhanced performance, reduced hand fatigue, and superior hand protection with Frog Grips.


Whether you’re on a keto journey, looking to boost your collagen intake, or simply want nutritious snacks, Locako has something for everyone. Their products are not just about nutrition; they’re about making you think better, perform better, and feel better every day.