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Social media analytics tools

Social Status is a suite of four different social media analytics tools.

Profile Analytics

Go beyond Facebook Insights and the built-in analytics of each social channel. Profile Analytics enables you to create in-depth reports and track the performance of all pages and profiles you admin including Facebook Pages, Instagram Business Profiles, Twitter Profiles and YouTube Channels. See which posts performed best (including Instagram Stories). Track full funnel metrics and insights including Impressions, Video Views, Interactions, Page and Follower Growth, Demographics, Facebook Inbox Messages, Link Clicks and more. Easily see Organic Reach Rate, Video View Rate, Engagement Rate, Growth Rate and Click Through Rate for each page and profile.

Social Status Profile Analytics
Social Status Ads Analytics Tool
Ads Analytics

Facebook Ads Manager’s built-in ads reporting still doesn’t enable the creation of client-ready or boardroom-ready reports. Use Ads Analytics to create in-depth reports across the paid performance of your ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and the Audience Network. Ads Analytics supports 14 of Facebook’s most common ad objectives including Reach, Brand Awareness, Post Engagement, Video Views, Page Likes, Traffic, App Installs, Event Responses, Lead Generation, Offer Claims, Messages, Store Visits, Product Catalog Sales and Conversions. See performance by each ad objective and view primary metrics (Result, Cost Per Result, Result Rate) and all secondary metrics split by Campaigns, Ad Sets and Ads.

Competitor Analytics

Benchmark the performance of your Pages and Profiles against competitors and any other public profiles with Competitor Analytics. Create competitor groups and compare engagement and post performance against any public Facebook Page, Instagram Business Profile, Twitter Profile or YouTube Channel. Learn what works best for your competitors and other industry pages without them knowing! Create comprehensive reports featuring top performing competitor posts and content themes. Find which days of the week and times of the day result in higher average engagement for your competitors. Discover the optimal media types and post frequency.

Social Status Competitors Analytics Tool
Social Status Influence Analytics Tool
Influencer Analytics

Report on the performance of your influencer marketing campaigns with Influencer Analytics. Track and normalize all performance metrics for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube influencers you work with. Access their full funnel metrics including Impressions, Instagram Stories and Link Clicks. Combine performance reporting across all influencers whether you work directly with each one or use third party marketplaces or agencies – Influencer Analytics automates social reporting on all influencer activity. See which influencers perform the best across various funnel metrics and create post-campaign reports or monthly reports in a flash.

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Create automated social media reports in minutes. See live stats on a social media analytics dashboard. Including:

  • Profile Analytics
  • Ad Analytics
  • Competitor Analytics
  • Influencer Analytics

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