Programming for CrossFit®️ gyms by Rob Forte

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Rob Forte has over a decade of experience programming for affiliates up to elite athletes. His track record, and the success of his programming, is second to none. Rob not only is one of the most consistent and successful CrossFit Games athletes, but has built a legacy with his incredible programming and his own affiliate, Reebok CrossFit Frankston, which is one of the most successful affiliates in Australia.

Now, programming is not all about the CrossFit Games, in fact for almost every person in your affiliate will never have a want, need or desire to pursue a CrossFit Games appearance, and if they do, we have an optional extra for them. Most people want to start at your affiliate to change their lifestyle, and it all starts with the programming.

The Forte Training Affiliate Programming delivers an inclusive program so you and your affiliate can focus on what matters most – a challenging experience, improving movement, and attaining fitness goals all in a fun environment.

Workout Intent

This covers the intent, focus and stimulus intended for the workout to paint a clear picture on how to attack and scale the workout for any individual.

This ensures confidence in all of your members that this is the right program for them, regardless of where they are in their fitness journey…and when done right, makes your life as a Trainer so much easier, as most members will be able to individually pick an option, or scale accordingly, with minimal input from you.


A thorough warm-up in four phases; general, range of motion, skill and specific. This ensures your members are prepared physically, mentally and have the confidence to perform each movement.

We also ensure that they include specific and/or skill and technique focused warm-ups that allow the coach to spend time to demonstrate the correct and safe movement. It’s important that the coach uses this time to help all members with their movements.

Strength, Lifting, Skill or Finisher

Generally, the class will start with a lifting or skill piece to build strength and develop great movement patterns outside of the high intensity of a workout. Or there may be a skill or accessory piece as a finisher. For longer workouts, generally above the 20 minutes, such as Hero workouts, there may be no accessory piece to focus on running a professional class and having a good amount of time to get each member ready.

Workout of the Day

Our programming is designed to be inclusive to all levels of members. With this in mind, we structure the workouts so that everyone finishes around the same time based on the workout intent. 

RX 1 – This level is for members who are still working on the basic movements without introducing any high-level skills at this stage. This allows them to reduce weight and reps to ensure the stimulus is still being achieved. 

RX 2 – The workouts are based on this standard and are the benchmark standard of movements, skills and work capacity. This level is where most members should be aiming for who feel confident in most movements. 

RX 3 – For those members who have all skills and movements at a high proficiency and standard. We encourage this for members who are looking to improve their fitness considerably and are also considering competition. This should be complemented by the Strength & Accessories program for full potential. 

Scaling Suggestions

These are designed as a guide and help coaches look at ways to scale for members. We still highly encourage that coaches are using their knowledge and are adapting according to the member’s needs.

All the tools and support you need to run a world-class CrossFit® gym.

Program Inclusion
  • 10+ Years of Experience
  • Workout Intent
  • Coaches Briefing Videos for each day
  • Warm-up
  • Scaling Suggestions
  • Strength / Skill / Lifting
  • Workout Of the Day
  • PDF Weekly Program Via Email

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