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Attention Gym Owners!

Do you love the idea of member email automation but find it overwhelming to set all the ‘techy’ stuff up?

Want to give the same excellent onboarding experience for every member but feel stuck on how to replicate it seamlessly?

Are you ready to smash your membership goals but don’t want to lose your mind (heck your life!) trying to ensure every client is looked after.

Imagine a platform that does this all for you and more!

No more spending hours each day setting up trial classes, sending confirmations and reminders, notifying coaches and front desk staff about incoming trial members to then be chasing down leads and trying to make sure everyone has all the information they need to convert these leads to members.

We all know fortune is in the follow up, right? Then imagine if the follow up was automated, personalized and leaves room for you to customize your automations to feel unique to you and the amazing culture you’ve created for your gym!

Imagine if it improved your lead conversion and retention by 10%, 20% or 30%.

Sound too good to be true?

It’s not. fitbox Member Experience Automation Platform was designed by gym owners for gym owners and it’s just what you need to help you systemise, automate and scale a successful gym.

Let Me Tell You A Secret

Smart Gym & Studio Owners Know That More Leads Is Not Usually The Answer

Ask most gym owners the biggest problem in their business right now and most will tell you they need more leads. But imagine I gave you 50 new leads tomorrow, would you be able to give them all a 5 star experience? Or would you be curled up in a fetal position?

Most owners rely on their memory and half baked systems and spreadsheets to try and stay on top of their admin. It doesn’t work. And it leaves them completely stressed out, enslaved by their business and disappointing new clients with poor service.

Our platform is built to help you:

  • Give every client a 5 star experience
  • Increase your sales by converting more leads
  • Decrease expenses by streamlining your processes and automating recurring tasks.
  • Spend less time working in your business and more time doing what you love
  • Reduce your stress by getting the admin into repeatable systems
  • Build your business into an asset you can sell, or scale.
Inside the Platform

All The Emails, SMS & Task Automations You Need To Delight Your Members & Scale Your Gym

Email Automation Trial Requested
Trial Requested

Notifies your team that a lead has requested a trial, and prompts them to follow our proven sequence that gets results-fast!

Email Automation - Trial Booking
Trial Booked

Notifies your team and teacher that a trial is booked. Your lead automatically gets confirmations and reminders leading up to their trial!

Fitbox Member Onboarding Automation
Trial Follow Ups

Following a proven onboarding process, your trials will no longer fall through the cracks.  Watch your conversion rates climb!

6 weeks Onboarding - Fitbox Automation
6 Week Onboarding

Turn new clients into raving fans in just 6 weeks. Our series of emails, and phone/text check ins will have your new clients “in the know” and feeling like family in no time!

7 day Class - Fitbox Automation
7 Day Class Pass

Your new leads select a week of classes, get confirmations, reminders and followups with minimal effort from you and your team!

Value Offer - fitbox Automation
Value Offer

Convert your 2 for $2, 5 for $5 or similar offers seamlessly with our Value Offer sequence.

Member Survey

Do you value feedback as much as we do? Anytime you mark a member as dropped, they will automatically receive a survey so you can continue to improve your systems and processes!

Request Gym Members Review - Fitbox Automation
Request Review

A simple way for parents to request feedback. We make it easy for your teachers to provide constructive feedback without 1:1 conferences or getting caught between classes!

Plus we’ve got heaps more great automations on the way including; Bring Your Bestie Lead Capture & Follow Up
Sequences, Re-Enrollment Campaign, Monthly Newsletter Templates, Recital Templates…

…And heaps more!

What Makes Us Different

Why Work With Us Above The Rest?


We don’t lock down the features of your platform or limit your access. We trust you and we want you to trust us too.


We don’t charge a huge upfront fee. We only charge enough to ensure you are serious about getting our help and our ongoing packages are affordable even for start-up businesses.

Our support is FAST & SUPER FRIENDLY

We have a dedicated support team that solves hundreds of support requests a month with less than 24 hour average response times and a 98% Happiness Rating.

Our packages include UNLIMITED SUPPORT

We won’t count support hours or bill you for additional support. Our packages are fixed fee and we help you because we care.

Our content is created by GYM OWNERS & COACHES

All our content and strategy was created in conjunction with DSOA Studio Owners and coaches.

Works seamlessly with other fitbox products, like fitbox IQ and fitbox Sites.

Our automations can be triggered by member actions and information from our fitbox IQ Member Management System and forms on our fitbox Sites Product. With our Zapier Plugin this rang of applications grows daily.

Why Active Campaign?

Active Campaign is the world’s top CRM Systems for small businesses.

There are literally hundreds of CRM systems on the market to choosefrom, but there is none that can match Active Campaign’s value for money.

Starting at just $99/month our Member Experience platform built with Active Campaign is the perfect balance of power and simplicity. It’s got everything you will need to automate any workflow that you have in your gym and yet is incredibly intuitive and easy to use.

Your Investment

We’ve Kept The Pricing Simple, Affordable & Cashflow Friendly

$99Per Month
  • For gym & studio owners serious about scaling their business and want expert help to build and improve their systems.
  • Platform Set Up
  • $299 Setup Fee (Normally $500)
  • Active Campaign Platform (Plus)
  • 500 Contacts
  • Import Or Migrate Your Contact
  • Platform Features
  • Email, SMS & Task Automations
  • Newsletter & Bulk Email Sending
  • Send Unlimited Emails
  • Drag & Drop Email Builder
  • 125+ Email Templates
  • Form Builder
  • Automation Templates
  • Trial Offer Sequences
  • 6 Week Onboarding Sequences
  • Contact Us
  • 6 Week Member Survey Sequence
  • Member Birthday Sequence
  • Member Anniversary Sequence
  • Ask For Reviews Sequence
  • Ongoing Support
  • Video Training Resources
  • Email & Phone Support
  • All Requests Handled Within 48 Hours
  • Access To Fortnightly Office Hours Zoom Call
  • Integrate Forms On Your Website

Automation Success, All-inclusive Support,
One Simple Monthly Fee

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