Experience the Ultimate Grip with Frog Grips!

Frog Grips, founded by Sean & Mick, offers premium fitness gear tailored for the functional fitness community. With over a decade of experience in CrossFit and the fitness industry, they provide solutions to challenges athletes face daily, from ripped hands to frequent chalking.

Frog Grips Products

Why Choose Frog Grips?

Superior Quality

Crafted with high-quality materials ensuring durability and comfort.

Ergonomic Design

Grips that mold to your hand, providing maximum support.


Suitable for both beginners and seasoned athletes



Australia’s favorite CrossFit grips!

“The Fibre Grips are a game-changer. They’re incredibly soft and provide an excellent grip during my workouts.”

– Jake, Professional Athlete

“I’ve tried numerous grips, but the Base Grips from Frog Grips are by far the best. They’re durable and offer great support.”

– Lily, Fitness Enthusiast

Ready to Elevate Your Workout Experience?

Don’t let subpar grips hinder your performance. Choose Frog Grips for the ultimate grip experience.