Systemise Your Gym, Make More Money And Regain Your Freedom

Build the thriving, successful affiliate you always wanted without having to create the systems from scratch.

What’s Inside The Affiliate Systems

1. Business Basics

Help your business thrive with immediately implementable, effective systems. Affiliate Systems’ tried-and-true resources enable you to clearly identify your culture, vision and direction to help you achieve success in your affiliate.

2. Operations

Day-to-day operations are a dream with simple and effective systems that guarantee positive member experience. From member sign ups to morning checklists, get everything that you need to get your affiliate performing in peak condition.

3. Enquiries

Don’t miss another member and don’t leave it to chance – Affiliate Systems provides thorough working processes that assist with enquiry follow up and the creation of a welcoming new member experience to turn your leads into paying members.

4. Intro Class

WOW potential clients with how fun, safe and professional your box is. Intro Classes are your chance to show off your affiliate, engage people with CrossFit and get new members ready for ongoing membership.

5. Elements Course

Onboard new members with a professional, consistently delivered Elements Course. Establish culture, set expectations and standards and create community all while teaching the fundamentals of CrossFit.

6. Memberships

Get consistent, professional, streamlined systems to help easily manage the process of signing new members, holding or cancelling accounts and monitoring memberships at every stage of a client’s journey.

7. Coaching

Use functional systems that enable you to deliver outstanding member service and exceptional coaching standards. Hire, manage and develop an elite staff team with easily implementable resources.

8. Retention

Deliver exceptional service, create consistently positive member experiences, catch at-risk members before they leave and keep members as long term clients; every step of the membership journey is covered in Affiliate Systems.

9. Marketing

Identify your best audience and attract the right customers with simple, proven marketing systems. Make your marketing manageable and effective without taking up all your valuable time and money!



Is This Really The Affiliate You Imagined?

When you first started your affiliate, you handled everything yourself and things were manageable. But as your membership grew, so did the demand on your time and effort; suddenly you’re working longer hours with less freedom. People started falling through the cracks, enquiries slipped past and members weren’t being followed up as they should.

You feel like you can’t leave the gym to go away on a holiday because everything relies on you. Right now, you’re getting by, but you don’t have the freedom you want, deliver the standard of service you desire or have the time to improve member experience – let alone work out how to get more members or market your gym.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to stay this way!


But Where Do You Start?

Systems make the world go round. Or, at least, effective systems help your affiliate operate smoothly and give it the potential to thrive and grow. But where do you start? You know you need them but what systems do you need? Which processes should you prioritise? How do you create them, and do it well? It can be overwhelming to think about all the things in your affiliate that need to be systemised in order for you to begin to automate procedures and hand jobs over to other staff.

The fact is, any recurring task in your affiliate should have a system. Good systems ensure tasks are completed to a consistent standard and can be achieved by someone other than you – giving you back your freedom and time. You can improve member experiences, maintain quality, train staff, focus on making your affiliate the best it can be and enable your business to grow.

After all, your business should work for you, not the other way round.


Want a Demo Of The Affiliate Systems?

What you need is a complete set of tested, trusted, must-have systems for your gym, stored in one easily accessible location and able to be universally updated whenever you want… Created from proven best practices, used and developed by over 1,100 affiliates in 26 countries, The Affiliate Systems will save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars trying to develop your systems from scratch.

These Guys Are Crushing It

Dara O’Boyle
Owner of Fitbox

The Affiliate Solutions business systems take the guess work out of growing your Gym. Tye & his Team have created a catalogue of systems for every single aspect of running a successful affiliate from retention strategies to Coach development to cleaning schedules! We nearly doubled our membership base in just under 12 months while hiring more staff & establishing a future for the business. The Affiliate Solution business systems are without doubt the cornerstone to our success over the last 18months; we are very excited to build upon this growth for years to come!

Jochem and Willem
Owners of UnScared CrossFit

During the last 6 months the Affiliate Systems it has helped us grow from 4 to 6 full time employees and well over 400 members. It allows us as owners to quickly train new staff or communicate new ways of working to our current employees. In short: it saves us a ton of work and transformed our box into a ‘real’ business!

Clarke & Rachel Hibbs
Owners of CrossFit Yellow Rose

Affiliate Systems is EXACTLY what I needed to streamline my affiliate and break past some plateaus. This has given me and my wife the freedom to ENJOY our affiliate and have fun running the business. With the help of Affiliate Systems we’ve grown our membership to over 130 members in our first 6 months of operation and we’ve just booked our second vacation! If you’re a box owner and you’re struggling to systemize yourself out of the daily running of your gym then you need to buy the Affiliate Systems.!


Empower Coaches To Deliver Consistent, Quality Member Experiences And Set A Standard Of Excellence.

Everything You Need, Customized To Your Gym

Your Affiliate Systems platform will be delivered fitted out with your gym’s own logo and colours. You gain complete access to proven systems, with everything from member signup forms, photoshop designs, and checklists to reports, rosters and more.

1hr Quick-Start Video Call

Get a 1 hour call with Tye or Kody to help maximise the way Affiliate Systems works for you and your business. We’ll help you understand the best way to start implementing, and customize the systems to your business model.

Training Videos For Each System

Access clear, professional video descriptions of every system. The easy to understand training can be used by you and your team to maximise the effectiveness of this ultimate affiliate resource.


The systems are laid out as simple step by step flowcharts and are colour coded to be easy to follow. Each system features an overview and explanation so you can start implementing straight away and use each process effectively.

Customizable Document Templates

Every system is presented as an editable document template, which is consistently designed and easy to edit. In addition to the provided systems, you can also build, create and add your own procedures to the platform to dominate in your business.

Access All New And Updated Systems For 12 Months

Get updates, all-new systems and ‘new and improved’ procedures for the next 12 months, sent directly to you for immediate use. Access universal best practices and see your affiliate grow.

Payment Plans Available

Whether you are just starting out, struggling to build your business up or looking to expand and open multiple locations we want the Affiliate Systems to be affordable for your gym. That’s why you can purchase the Affiliate Systems over three (3) monthly payments of only $470.

Manage Multiple Affiliates

Remove the bottlenecks of managing multiple locations by having one platform for all your systems and staff resources. Affiliate Systems will help you to standardise your systems so that the day to day operations of your gyms are easily repeatable and scalable across multiple locations.


Buy outright or pay per month for ongoing support

Pay It All Upfront
$1,400Once Off Payment
  • Custom Branded Systems Platform
  • Yours For Life With No Ongoing Costs
  • 49 Customisable Systems
  • 51 Training Videos
  • 36 Flowcharts
  • 61 Customisable Document Templates
  • Free 1hr Quickstart Phone Call
  • 12 Months Free Platform Support
  • 12 Months Access To Updated/New Systems
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

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