Gym Equipment & Consumables

From a new pull-up rig to toilet paper, save your credit for large purposes, or use it to fund the day to day.

Again Faster

is the premier functional fitness provider in Australia and New Zealand.

Upgrade your gym’s gear by using your fitbox credit to buy new equipment, apparel and accessories from our reseller range and generate 35% – 50% additional income on each item.

Compliant Cleaning Supplies

Australian owned commercial cleaning products provider of all of your gym essentials. Paper towel, sanitiser, cleaning sprays and so much more.

Put your fitbox credit towards an ongoing, essential cost – with delivery to your door, as you need it.


Use your credit to purchase inventory that you can sell to your members. Make a margin on your fitbox credit.

Evolution Nutrition Co.

100% Australian Sourced & Made. Designed for gyms to generate additional income to their members, the Evolution range is full of clean, delicious flavours, including Vegan options.

Use your fitbox credit to pay for your protein to resell to your members and the margin is yours to keep.

Health Through Innovation

LEAN provides professionals in healthcare and fitness with the technology they need to help their clients achieve better results through digital nutrition solutions.

LifeAid Beverage Co.

We’ve partnered with LifeAid Beverage Co. so you can use credit to purchase lifeaid to sell you your members.

Programming Partners

Reclaim your time. Purchase Programming from our partners and we will automatically populate it in fitbox for your members.


Driven by the passion for excellence, the story starts with three guys from Australia who wanted to do great things and bring others along for the journey

As an Unifyd Programming Customer, your gym program will be automatically loaded into fitbox- saving you hours of admin

Evolved Programming

Functional Fitness Programming for Individuals and Affiliates. Endurance, Strength, Competitor and Home Gym tracks for all levels.

As an Evolved Programming Customer, your gym program will be automatically loaded into fitbox- saving you hours of admin.


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