As a gym owner, you’re constantly balancing the need to invest in your facility with the day-to-day expenses that keep your business running smoothly.

fitbox Credits offer a unique solution, allowing you to save your credit for larger purchases or use it to fund your daily operations via products and services in the fitbox Marketplace.

Here’s how you can make the most of fitbox Credits and explore the wide array of products and services available from our trusted partners.

Diversify Your Purchases

From a new pull-up rig to essential supplies like toilet paper, fitbox Credits can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your equipment or stock up on daily essentials, our partner network has something for both you and your members.

Partner Network Highlights

⭐ Again Faster: Upgrade your gym’s gear with new equipment, apparel, and accessories from Again Faster’s range. Generate additional income by reselling these items to your members. fitbox gyms receive a wholesale discount so this is a great way to provide gear on hand to your members and another income stream. Read more here. Keen to transfer fitbox credits to Again Faster for new gear? Click here.

⭐ FITAID: Keep your members hydrated and happy by stocking up on FITAID beverages. Use your fitbox Credits to purchase these popular drinks which really go a long way for member comfort. Check out the range in the fitbox Marketplace.

⭐ Frog Grips: Ensure your members have the best grip support for their workouts with Frog Grips. Experience enhanced performance and reduced hand fatigue. A great Aussie success story, we are proud to partner with Frog! Members can purchase through the fitbox app and commission lands in your wallet or if you want to stock up in gym, reach out to discuss bulk orders. Shop the range in the fitbox Marketplace here.

⭐ First Aid Courses by ADAPT: Ensure your staff is trained in first aid and CPR with courses provided by ADAPT. Keep your gym safe for everyone. Pay with fitbox credits!

⭐ Locako: Whether you’re on a keto journey or looking for nutritious snacks, Locako has something for everyone. Their products are designed to make you think better, perform better, and feel better every day. Members can purchase directly through the app or if you want to buy in bulk, head to the fitbox Marketplace and use your credits.

⭐ Compliant Cleaning Solutions: We all need cleaning products and cleaning equipment! Purchase yours using your fitbox credits and only pay wholesale prices. Check out their range in the fitbox Marketplace here.

Programming Partners

⭐ Starr Strength and Performance: Outsource your gym’s group fitness programming to Starr Strength & Performance. Their consultation service ensures that your gym’s unique considerations are taken care of. Pay using fitbox credits and our team will enter all programming in weekly. Not quite ready to commit? Ask us about a free trial.

⭐ Mayhem Athlete: Experience the essence of CrossFit Mayhem’s fitness regimen with their Affiliate Programming. Designed for boxes and gyms worldwide, it offers comprehensive programming each week. Pay using fitbox credits and our team will enter all programming in weekly. Not quite ready to commit? Ask us about a free trial.

⭐ Forte Training: Focus on giving your members a challenging experience with Forte Training’s inclusive program. Improve their movement and help them attain their goals in a fun coaching environment. Pay using fitbox credits and our team will enter all programming in weekly. Not quite ready to commit? Ask us about a free trial.

How to Get Started

Explore Our Partner Network: Dive into a world of possibilities with fitbox Credits. Browse our partners and discover products and services to help your business thrive.

Redeem Your Credits: Once you’ve found the perfect products or services, redeem your fitbox Credits to fund your purchases. Enjoy the convenience of using your credits for both large and day-to-day expenses.


fitbox Credits offer gym owners a flexible and convenient way to manage their expenses.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your equipment, stock up on essentials, or outsource your programming, our partner network has you covered. Explore the possibilities today in the fitbox Marketplace and start maximising your fitbox Credits.

Need support? Reach out to our team.

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