Exciting Updates and an Exclusive Discount:

Allstar Alliance x fitbox

As we dive into 2024, we’re thrilled to see the energy and excitement in gyms across the country, especially with the start of various competitions. To make sure you’re getting the most out of this vibe, we’ve partnered with Allstar Alliance, Australia’s largest team event, to bring an exclusive deal just for our fitbox members.

But first, let’s talk about the exciting new features we’ve rolled out at fitbox HQ over the weekend.

1️⃣ Suspensions

Upcoming and active suspensions are now visible in your Suspensions tab. When you apply a suspension, fitbox will suggest a new billing date post-suspension, taking into account the time you’re away, while still giving you the power to edit anything you want.

2️⃣ Waitlist

In addition to the fitbox app notification, members will now also receive an email when they are added to a class from the waitlist. You can set the time before a class for the waitlist to no longer activate, and also set times before a class when members are no longer allowed to book or unbook.

3️⃣ Groups and Bookings

For gyms using “Groups” to limit access and visibility to classes and workouts, we have updated the logic so booking sessions while pending or on suspension is now possible for the dates their subscription is active.

4️⃣ Minimum Age

There is no minimum age for your members anymore, allowing you to add child accounts for your creche munchkins.

Now, onto the exciting part – the ALLSTARS exclusive offer:

Firstly let’s hear from Allstar Alliance:

For over a decade, the Allstar Alliance competition has played a prominent part of the fitness scene in Australia. Hundreds of gyms and CrossFit affiliates across the country, and thousands of athletes like you have been a part of this competition. Not only is Allstar Alliance the biggest Teams competition in Australia, it is also an institution of our sport.

In 2024, we are proud to present to you our biggest and best season yet. Whether you choose to participate in our Team Series (MM/FF) or our Pair Series (MM & FF), you will have the opportunity to qualify for the Allstar Alliance Championship and be in contention for a prize pool and prizes of over $25,000.

Allstar Alliance has been the stepping stone for almost every Australian CrossFit Games athlete, in their journey to achieve their CrossFit goals. Could you be the next CrossFit Games athlete to follow this path?”

To get early access to comp entries and to receive your 10% discount code exclusive to fitbox gyms, email us! You will be able to share the link we provide you with all your members, and hopefully, your gym can represent a few teams at your city’s event!

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