Round 1 Fitness
Our February Gym Feature

In the city of Perth, there exists a unique fitness community – Round 1 Fitness.

This boxing and functional fitness gym, proudly part of the fitbox family, is not just a space to break a sweat but a community that thrives on passion and positivity. With approximately 600 dedicated members, Round 1 Fitness is a testament to the vision and commitment of its owner, Michael Pratt.

The Genesis of Round 1 Fitness

Michael Pratt, an ex-IT professional turned fitness enthusiast, is the driving force behind Round 1 Fitness. His journey from the corporate world to the gym floor is a story of rediscovery, as he shares, “I was working a sedentary job, logging 60 hours a week in meetings and report writing, gaining weight, and feeling unhappy. Having retired from team sports at 33, I felt lost in my training routine. I missed the sense of belonging and community that team sports provided.”

Motivated by a desire to recreate the camaraderie of team sports, Michael envisioned a gym that combined boxing and functional fitness. Embracing Kevin Costner’s “build it, and they will come” philosophy, he took a leap of faith, quitting his job and opening Round 1 Fitness in a brand new warehouse. Michael recalls the early days, saying, “I had zero members and zero plan. It was pretty brutal, with only a few people showing up for classes scattered throughout the day.”

Despite the initial challenges, word spread, and in 2018, Round 1 Fitness expanded into the building next door, adding another 500m2 and introducing a Strength and Conditioning gym. Michael emphasises,

“The focus has always been on community, encouraging one another, and achieving things together. I am 100% committed to building more community into our training as we move forward.”

The Positives of Being a Gym Owner

For Michael, being a gym owner is a dream come true. He expresses gratitude for turning away from the corporate grind to create a space where friends gather, hang out, and train together. The best part, he says, is witnessing a diverse range of people focused on improvement and supporting one another. Coaching classes in an environment where everyone is eager to enhance themselves is, in Michael’s words, “really the best.”

As a humble leader, Michael credits the success of Round 1 Fitness to his dedicated team, highlighting the pivotal role of his operations manager, Tracey. He advises aspiring gym owners to carefully consider their team and recommends having someone like Tracey on board before opening the doors.

The fitbox Transition

The decision to move to fitbox was driven by the need for streamlined systems, cost-effective software, and reliable member payment processes. Michael elaborates on the transition, citing fitbox’s exceptional support and responsiveness to their inquiries. “No matter the issue, they assured us they would help us get past it,” he adds.

Reflecting on the fitbox experience, Michael keeps it simple,

“It’s been pretty great—everything we hoped for and more. I don’t know what else to say about this…fitbox is great. Every gym owner in Australia should use it. Everyone in NZ should use it.”

In conclusion, Michael Pratt’s Round 1 Fitness stands as a testament to the power of community, passion, and a relentless pursuit of improvement. From its humble beginnings to becoming a fitbox success story, Round 1 Fitness is a champion in every sense, thanks to the vision and dedication of its owner and the support of an ever-growing fitness family.

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