In today’s digital age, the fitness industry has seen a significant shift towards online memberships.

With the global pandemic accelerating the adoption of digital solutions, gyms and fitness centres are exploring online memberships as a way to retain and attract members. For CrossFit gyms and other fitness facilities, this presents a unique opportunity to diversify their offerings and tap into a broader market. But how do you start offering online memberships? Let’s delve into the steps and benefits.

Understanding the need for online memberships

The rise of online memberships is driven by several factors:

  1. Flexibility for members: Not everyone can commit to regular gym visits. Online memberships offer flexibility, allowing members to access quality programming and an online community at their convenience.
  2. Wider reach: Online memberships enable gyms to reach a global audience, breaking the geographical barriers.
  3. Supplemental revenue: For existing members who are already committed to in-person classes, online memberships can offer supplemental programming they can do at home, adding an additional revenue stream.

Steps to start offering online memberships

  1. Leverage technology: Platforms like fitbox offer a comprehensive suite of features tailored for online memberships. From seamless class booking to performance tracking, fitbox provides everything you need in one place, reducing time and cost.
  2. Quality programming: Ensure that your online offerings are of the highest quality. This could include live-streamed classes, pre-recorded sessions, or even written workout plans.
  3. Engage and build community: The sense of community is vital. Use platforms to foster interaction among members, host virtual events, and create an engaging online environment.
  4. Pricing strategy: Decide on a pricing model that reflects the value you’re offering. This could be a standalone online membership, a hybrid model, or an add-on to existing memberships.
  5. Promote and market: Use your existing channels to promote your online memberships. Consider targeted ads, email campaigns, and leveraging social media.

Benefits of offering online memberships

  1. Retain members: Online memberships can help retain members who might be considering leaving due to lack of time or other commitments.
  2. Attract new members: There’s a growing segment of fitness enthusiasts who prefer online memberships. Catering to this audience can help in attracting new members.
  3. New revenue opportunity: New product offerings to existing members who are looking for supplemental programming for home.
  4. Diversify revenue streams: With the uncertainty brought about by events like the pandemic, diversifying revenue streams can provide stability.

The shift towards online memberships is not just a trend but a reflection of changing consumer preferences. For CrossFit gyms and other fitness facilities, this presents a golden opportunity to evolve and cater to a broader audience.

With the right approach and leveraging platforms like fitbox, gyms can successfully integrate online memberships into their offerings.

If you have not experienced the fitbox member management features or would like to demo on how to add online programming, reach out to the team.