Who doesn’t like an early Christmas present? We’ve got you covered with a heap of new fitbox features!

Auto-retry for Credit Card Members (gym sign-up required)

  1. Auto-retry – if a payment fails, the system will automatically re-try every day for a week before moving to your failed transaction list, where you can re-start the automation whenever you want.
  2. Reduced Failure Fees – only the first failure will incur a fee, meaning that even if you have to retry 100 times, your member will only be charged a single $6 failure fee.

Want to add this feature? Request here.

New Class Features

Ability to choose class visibility:

  1. Full view
  2. Limited (new default) – all members can see the class and class description, but only those who can book can see the workout .
  3. Subscribed only – only members who can book can see the class on their calendar.

Free class – for classes that don’t need a subscription and don’t count as a session (e.g. a social event like Frisbee Fridays!).

When creating a class, the end date will now be blank by default.

Greater Scoring and Leaderboard Options

  1. Member comments written while entering a score will now optionally go through to the leaderboard.
  2. Improved performance to celebrate or comment on a member’s score.
  3. AMRAP leaderboards now show both rounds and reps.
  4. You are now able to score the same movement multiple times with varying reps in the same section.

Workout Entry

  1. Favourites can now have a leaderboard.
  2. Improvements to edit and/or delete individual movements within a section.

Other Enhancements and Fixes:

  1. Push notifications have been improved to work across all operating systems.
  2. Improvements in how waivers are accepted from members with multiple gyms.
  3. A member can now have multiple subscriptions of the same membership product.
  4. Archiving a member will now check if they have a child account.
  5. Improvements so the add subscription button will be available to all members regardless of their current status.
  6. If your members have any past performance they would like uploaded to their account, please get in touch so we can help.


  1. In the coming month you will start to see new and exciting partners in your app shop to make your gym money. The first two will be Frog Grips and Locako! Anything ordered from the shop will result in a percentage of revenue sent direct to your gym’s bank account.
  2. Apparel – 20%
  3. Again Faster Accessories, Frog Grips, Locako – 15%

Finally, “PR Celebration” won the development request from our recent survey. We will start working on this project now and, together with a number of billing (invoice and subscription) enhancements, we’re aiming for a pre-Christmas release!

A special thank you to a few gyms who have been working closely with our team of late on a number of these features. Please keep the comments and requests coming through.

Reach out if you need any support! We are here to support your journey.

Your fitbox team

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