We are thrilled to announce that fitbox, the leading gym management software provider in Oceania, is now a proud member of the CrossFit Affiliate Partner Network (APN). This significant partnership not only cements the trust that CrossFit has in our brand, but also brings an array of benefits to CrossFit affiliates around the world.

The CrossFit APN is a consolidated platform for the most trusted brands in the CrossFit community. It’s a network that provides exclusive offers, discounts, and revenue-generation programs available only to CrossFit affiliate owners​1​. The APN aims to reduce the operating costs of affiliates while providing gym owners with additional revenue-sharing partnerships, and we at fitbox are excited to be a part of this initiative​2​.

fitbox: an endorsed partner

The inclusion of fitbox in the APN is a direct endorsement from CrossFit, one of the most recognised fitness brands worldwide. It signifies that CrossFit trusts fitbox to deliver high-quality services and products that meet the standards of the CrossFit community.

Being part of the APN is a testament to fitbox’s commitment to empowering fitness businesses, a mission that aligns with CrossFit’s goal of promoting health and fitness worldwide. Our gym management software, fitbox IQ, has been recognised for its capability to help fitness businesses grow and scale, offering a suite of tools to streamline operations, engage members, and track performance​3​.

Exclusive benefits to CrossFit Affiliates

In alignment with the APN’s goal to provide value to CrossFit affiliates, fitbox is pleased to offer an exclusive 10% discount and free setup of fitbox products in the fitbox marketplace to all CrossFit affiliates.

With this special offer, CrossFit affiliates can harness the power of fitbox’s market-leading gym management software without the significant upfront costs usually associated with setting up a new system. This reduction in cost is part of our commitment to helping fitness businesses thrive, and we believe that this offer will make it even more accessible for CrossFit affiliates to take advantage of our powerful tools.

In addition, the fitbox marketplace provides a diverse range of products and services for fitness businesses, giving affiliates the opportunity to expand their offerings and meet the diverse needs of their members​3​.

A partnership for growth

fitbox’s participation in the CrossFit APN represents a major step towards our shared goal with CrossFit to support the growth and success of fitness businesses. By becoming a part of the APN, fitbox is better positioned to serve the CrossFit community, providing the tools and resources necessary to manage and grow their businesses effectively.

As we embark on this exciting journey with CrossFit and its affiliates, we remain committed to delivering the best possible value to our customers. We look forward to the opportunities that this partnership will bring and to helping CrossFit affiliates around the world reach new heights of success.

Join us in celebrating this exciting milestone. To get started with fitbox and take advantage of our exclusive offer for CrossFit affiliates, visit the CrossFit APN and click on the fitbox tile. Let’s grow together!

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