It is crucial for CrossFit affiliates to be included on the map listing for several important reasons:

Visibility and Exposure: Being listed on the official CrossFit website provides affiliates with unparalleled visibility within the CrossFit community. When potential members visit to find a gym, having your affiliate listed ensures that they can easily discover your location, contact information, and website. This exposure can significantly boost your affiliate’s chances of attracting new members.

If you live in a tourist destination with lots of casual visitors and drop-ins, this is especially important!

Credibility and Trust: Affiliates listed on are seen as credible and officially recognised by CrossFit HQ. This recognition can build trust among potential members who may be hesitant about joining a gym. Being part of the official map listing reinforces your affiliate’s legitimacy within the CrossFit community.

Only affiliates of good standing can be listed on the map.

Access to the Global CrossFit Network: CrossFit is a global fitness phenomenon with a vast network of affiliates and athletes worldwide. Being on the map listing connects your affiliate to this global network. This can be especially valuable if you have members who travel or if you want to collaborate with other affiliates on events or programs.

Community Building: CrossFit is known for its tight-knit community of athletes and coaches. Being on the map listing allows your affiliate to tap into this community. It makes it easier for potential members to find your gym, and once they join, they become part of the larger CrossFit family, which can enhance their overall experience.

Marketing and Promotion: receives a significant amount of traffic from individuals interested in CrossFit. Being listed on the map can be a cost-effective marketing tool. It ensures that your affiliate’s information is easily accessible to those actively seeking CrossFit gyms, reducing the need for additional marketing efforts.

Having link to your business site, increases your chances of being found on Google!

Alignment with CrossFit Values: By being part of the map listing, your affiliate aligns itself with the core values and principles of CrossFit. This alignment can resonate with potential members who share these values and are looking for an affiliate that embodies them.

Updates and Announcements: CrossFit HQ often uses the map listing to communicate important updates, events, and announcements to affiliates. Being listed ensures that your affiliate stays informed about any changes or opportunities within the CrossFit community.

In conclusion, being included on the map listing is vital for CrossFit affiliates because it provides visibility, credibility, access to a global network, and various marketing benefits. It ultimately contributes to the growth, recognition, and success of the affiliate within the CrossFit community.

Is your affilate listed? Head to your Affiliate portal and make sure your details are up-to-date! Ensure your branding is professional and you update the header banner to reflect your community.

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